Decorated Cakes


My first crack at cake decorating was a 2 tier cake I made for Mom and Dad’s 27th wedding anniversary at the age of 13. I was HOOKED. I became the official “cake decorator” of the family. Over the years, I’ve made cakes of all sorts. With 5 brothers, 18 nieces and nephews, 6 children and 11 grandkids; there’ve Mom & Dad's 27th Anniversarybeen A LOT of birthdays, baby showers, graduations and weddings (and that’s just family!)  I love decorating cakes.  In the past there’ve been many times when I’ve overextended myself by agreeing to make a cake for someone when I really didn’t have time to. My husband would get huffy with me saying “Why do you do that?” My response is always the same. “It’s what I love to do!”

We offer a wide variety of cakes for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, baby shower or wedding, we would love to make your next cake. Got a special occasion coming up? Give us a call, or stop in and talk to Messy Nessy. All special occasion cakes are special order, so be sure to put you order in early.